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HG laboratories, LLC Private Label

HG Laboratories, LLC Product Development

     HG Labs is an expert in private label implementation and development for cleaning product solutions.

We customize our strategies to meet your immediate business needs and to open opportunities to increase market share and revenue for your company.

     Our team of experts will provide evaluation and consultation with a deep understanding of your distinctive identity and vision.

We complete the picture with our services and then globalize its reach.

HG Labs Private Label Cleaners Include These Benefits

All Natural Formulas

Performance Proven Formulas

Minimum Insurance Liability


HG Labs “Your One Stop Shop”

Products Formulation

Product Development




We Can Do It All!


We have been in business since 1987!

HG Laboratories can formulate products for almost any application.

Your Results Are

Increased Revenue

Greater Brand Recognition

Improved Value For Your Company


Dear Prospective Private Label Customer,  


Thank you for considering us. This is a big step private labeling!  You’ve worked hard to get your brand up and running, can you risk a private 

label venture?  We hope this introductory page to HG Laboratories 

Private Labeling will set your mind at ease! 


All along your journey, we want to assure you that we take you, and your brand very seriously!  

To that end, consider the following…


Why trust your brand to HG Laboratories?


1.) Longevity. We have been in business since 1987.  Our all-natural products are time tested. 


2.) Quality. Our all-natural green cleaning products are Sourced and Made in the USA.  We have sold to markets such as Whole Foods for over eleven years.   Our products have undergone rigorous third-party testing for Whole Foods and have received the 

highest green rating for sustainability, purity and safety for people and pets!


3.) Care.  YOU MATTER!  When you have questions, you want to talk to 

a real person, without navigating through automated hoops.  Our knowledgeable customer service team gets you answers!


4.) Custom-ability. Is there a particular product you do not see listed on our website that fits your brand’s needs/applications?  More than likely,

 we can make it!  Would you like a different scent to our products?  No problem, we can change it!  IF you can dream it, we can create it!


5.) Satisfaction guarantee.  You can have confidence that our products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed!  


What products do we carry?

We produce products that clean any surface in your home or business.  We also have laundry detergents, FDA approved hand sanitizers and hand-soaps. 

Email us for a list of the products available for private label.  Remember, 

if you do not see a product that you would like to carry- let us know, there is a very good chance we can make it happen!


Get to know us better @


Email us for this information: 

1. Our Product Line

2. Basic Label Template

3. SDS (Safety Data Sheet) -for Private Label

Contact Us:

Brenda Ferriell, Customer Service/Information

Office:  502.377.1089

Email:  brenda@hglabsllc.com

Jerry McAdams, Director of Operations

Evening:  502.773.5329

Email: jerry@hglabsllc.com


FAQ’S -Because we know you’ve got some.


What is included in the price per bottle?

Everything except freight & the label. If you use our HG Labs products

 this is what is included in the price per bottle: bottles/sprayers or caps, filling, labeling and the shipping box.


Can I get products from you in RTU (Ready to Use) or Concentrates and bottle them ourselves?

 Yes, we can do it all… full service or ship the products to you for you to label, fill, blend and ship them.


How concentrated are your concentrate products?

Most of our Brightly Green Concentrates are one part product to nine parts water. 


How do I pay for the order?

At the time of your order you can pay with a credit card or wire payment.  We also offer terms if your order reaches a certain threshold with credit references.  


Can you recommend the most highly used products for us?

Yes, we can help you with your decision-making process based on your customers’ needs and wants.  Some companies want to start with a 

small line of products and expand later.  


Can you use a different essential oil scent?

Yes, but higher volumes are required. There is a charge for developing 

the product. There is a one-time charge of $150.00 for each product you want changed.  You will be sent up to 3 samples for your approval. Also, 

if the essential oil that you choose is more expensive than ours you will 

be charge more for the product/s. We will do our best to keep the cost down and may make suggestions, if your essential oil is very expensive.


Can you formulate products for us?

Yes, we have formulated thousands of products and can formulate many more. The cost is a one time charge of$150.00 per product. Three samples will be sent to you for your approval.


Do you have a label designer?

Yes, we do. You can find label pricing on the second sheet under packaging that we can email you.  We have two options, using our label with your logo and name and information changes or us developing a label for you.  However, we can work with your designer to provide the information for the label. Example: Ingredient, How to Use, etc.


Do you have a company that prints out the labels?

Yes, we have label making equipment. We can quote you label pricing.  The price of the labels vary relating to volume.   Again, we will work 

with anyone you choose to produce your labels.


Who do you use to ship our products?

For small orders we use UPS. For large orders we will ship through trucking companies. We obtain the best price possible by brokering the shipping. But if you want to use your sources, we are fine with that too. Just provide us with your UPS or FedEx number and they can bill you directly. 


Do you ship out of the USA?

No, as of now we ship only to the contiguous United States.  


Do you drop ship?

Yes, we can drop ship to your customers. You would need to maintain a minimum amount of products at our facility and we would charge a fulfillment fee as well as the shipping cost. 


HG Labs Contact Info:

Brenda Ferriell, Customer Service/Information

Office:  502.377.1089

Email:  brenda@hglabsllc.com

Jerry McAdams, Director of Operations

Evening:  502.773.5329

Email:  jerry@hglabsllc.com

Better Products for a Better Earth!