Wholesale Cleanersthat are Earth Friendly Natural  green cleaning cleanerssafe for the environment and Industrial cleaners wholesale cleanersas well as commerical products. We  private label eco friendly  companies.

HG Laboratories LLC

   Nature's Laboratory

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 HG Laboratories LLC

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Brightly Green Housheold Cleaners Wholesale Green Cleaners that go green and we private label for green cleaning company that are earth friendlyand planet friendly, kid friendly, Pet Friendly as well as industrial safe!
Green Cleaning Products
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HG Labs Green Cleaners
Safe & Effective Green Products
Earth Friendly Non Toxic Natural Cleaning Products 
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Brightly Green 4 oz Concentrate and Empty 32oz Bottle
Shopping for Green Solutions for Earth-friendly Cleaning Applications?
We have what you need!
Where can I find HG Labs Products?

Harmony can be found in several Whole Foods Markets and Bed Bath & Beyond.  Go to the Harmony Website (on side bar) for information on how to locate Harmony products.

Brightly Green can be purchased from Distributors, Co-Ops, Buying Clubs and from our Internet Store.  Go to the Brightly Green Website (on side bar) to locate Brightly Green products.

Baby Harmony can be purchased from the Brightly Green Home Store .  Go to the Brightly Green  Website (on side bar) to locate Baby Harmony products.

                     HG Labs Safe & Effective          

     HG Laboratories has devoted their expert research team to develop products that will provide safer working conditions. The use of natural products instead of chemical based products will increase productivity and help prevent injuries from harmful fumes and chemicals.  These chemicals have impacted the everyday health of ourselves, customers and co-workers. 

     With the prospect of new laws requiring green compliance in the near future, now is the time to consider new alternatives. 

     HG Laboratories is set apart by not only providing green cleaning products that are 100% environmentally safe and renewable they are also cost effective.

     HG Labs can meet all of your cleaning needs.

HGL's Products
  Free of harsh chemicals, vapors or residue
  Plant based
 User friendly
Worker friendly
  100% Biodegradable

Nature's Blend and Balance

      All non-toxic cleaners manufactured by HG Labs contain our unique blend of ingredients that comes from nature.  This Earth-friendly blend provides superior cleaning.  Each planet-friendly formula is balanced to achieve optimum performance without causing any damage to the environment.

      You can reduce your exposure to toxic hazardous cleaning products within your workplace with  HG Laboratories, LLC products.


HG Laboratories, LLC

                 Green Eco Friendly Industrial and Commercial  Products  

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